Easy distribution of invitees by table for celebrations



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Not only does PerfectTablePlan allow you to organize the attendees of an event concretely according to different criteria, but it can also be used to create a schematic representation of the place where the tables will be placed in the room where the celebration will take place.

The first step when working with PerfectTablePlan consists of introducing the invitees who will attend the event one by one. Indicate whether the person is coming alone, with a date, or in a group.

PerfectTablePlan makes the task of completing each table easier by indicating in a chart which persons can sit together as a function of their family connections, friendships, etc. It is also possible to avoid putting people together who do not get along well.

The next step is to establish the set-up of the tables in the room where the event will take place. Add as many tables as are necessary and indicate the number of attendees per table. There are different shapes of tables and you can group them together to make larger tables.

Finally, assign each attendee to a table manually or allow PerfectTablePlan to do it for you; print off the list of invitees and the organization of the tables, and sit down and enjoy the get-together.

The test version is limited to 30 guests.

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